September 30, 2022



Computer mouse: Definition and function of the mouse

Computer mouse: Definition and function of the mouse

Computer mouse: Definition and function of the mouse
Computer mouse: Definition and function of the mouse

Computer mouse: Definition and function of the mouse. When we run computing devices, they are never lost because they are an important part to support all computing.

Yes, This device is a mouse. This mouse is very useful when we operate the computer because the main function of the mouse is as a pointing device.

Definition of Mouse

Apart from the keyboard on a computer, the mouse is an input/input device. A mouse is a tool/device that regulates cursor movement quickly or gives commands in a practical and fast way. There is a small ball on the mouse that sends electrical signals to the computer as it moves, which corresponds to the movement of the mouse.

Or Mouse is a piece of hardware (hardware) on the computer. This is useful for moving the cursor on the computer screen. A mouse is a piece of hardware that is designed to execute programs and commands from a user that the motion sensor has instructed to run so that the pointer can move across the monitor. There are buttons on the mouse that you can use to click with the left mouse button and to scroll with the right mouse button.

The Function of the Mouse

As described above, the mouse has the primary function of a pointing device that moves the pointer on the screen on PCs and laptops. But apart from these functions, if we look further, it turns out that this mouse has many uses that we often don’t realize. Here are some mouse functions you need to know:

Performing Scroll Operation

Try to find out what you do most often by reading the articles on this page. Yes, that’s correct. You scroll through page content most of the time by scrolling through it.

Of course, you can’t keep reading this article by scrolling. Instead, you can use the arrows (arrows) on your keyboard. But that would be very impractical. It is clear that this mouse support function is very supportive of your activities while operating your computer or laptop.

To Select-Object

Choosing is an activity that we cannot avoid in the computer world. Start by selecting files, folders, and even words in a program like Microsoft Word. With the mouse, we can make the desired decisions.

Getting Information Through Hover Mouse

Hover is the state in which the pointer is in a particular menu, file, or folder. When the pointer is floating and information appears. This information in other words tooltips. This function is very useful for us to know immediately whether the function of the article we are going to click. Maybe you pay less attention to this one function. So try to explore this hover function when you operate your computer or laptop.

To Execute a Program

The mouse plays an important role in this. We will use the mouse very often to open files or run programs. In general, if you want to open a file or program, you can run it by double-clicking it.

Doing Drag and Drop

We often use the mouse to drag and drop objects onto our computers, from moving to cutting to copying. With the support of this capability via the mouse, it is easy for us to perform this simple operation.

Other Functions Of The Mouse

Another function referred to here is the extended mouse function which is usually used in programming languages. Of course, if you are a programmer, you are already familiar with it. For example, when we create a program, we want the event to run while the mouse is executing a procedure.