September 30, 2022



Computer Science Department

Computer Science Department

Computer Science Department
Computer Science Department

The most sought-after major is Computer Science/computers-aided-learning major. Then, We know, nowadays the development of the times is getting faster due to rapid technological changes. Therefore, Computer science personnel are needed in the workplace because all human needs can be facilitated because of technology can real time communications

Are you curious? what is this major like? So, what do you study, what are the job prospects after graduation and where is the campus that provides this major in Indonesia? Let’s see everything here.

What is a Computer Science Major?

The Department of Computers Sciences focuses on computing, hardware (hardware), and software (software). computer-aided-learning encompasses a wide range of computer-related disciplines, from abstract algorithm analysis to more tangible issues such as programming languages and software, including hardware.

Oh yes, you should also know that the Computer Science major is different from Informatics Engineering which places more emphasis on the application side, the Computer Science study program focuses more on the ‘science’ of the computer field itself.

Courses Learned in the Department of Computers Science

The following are the courses you will study in the Computers Science Department:

-Mobile Programming
-Automation System
-Microtech Technology
-Computational Mathematics
-Matrix Linear Algebra
-Instrumentation System
-Operating system
-Numerical Method
-System Design Analysis
-and many more

Job Prospects for Graduates of Computer Science

Computers science graduates are currently in great demand by companies. Especially, digital-based companies. Or graduates from this department can also create startups, businesses that are viral lately. The following are the careers of computer-aided-learning graduates:

-Programmer (Software Developer).
-Developer Software, Applications
-Web Developer
-Front End Developer
-Full-Stack Developer
-Computer Programmer
-Back End Developer
-Full-Stack Developer
-Java Programmer
-Web Designer (Web Designer)
-Application Engineer
-Game Creator
-Game Programmer / Game Developer
-Software Engineering
-IT consultant
-Data Scientist

Campus with Computers Science Major

There are many universities that have computer-aided-learning majors, here are some of the best campuses in Indonesia 2021, such as:

-University of Indonesia (UI), Then
-Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB)
-Universitas Brawijaya (UB)
-Diponegoro University (Undip)
-Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM)
-Padjadjaran University (Unpad)
-Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS)
-Telkom University